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  • Low & affordable prices on used Apple Mac Products
  • Everything is tested & certified by our expert Mac technicians
  • With at least 30 days of warranty. All guaranteed and no risk to you.
  • Local support at driving distance. No need to ship things back & forth
  • Save hundreds of dollars comparing to new ones
  • Option to purchase extended warranty
  • Good inventory of MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, etc..
  • In business since 1986.
  • Rave Google & Yelp Reviews ☆☆☆☆☆
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction.
Blank screen of laptop on the table—Mac repair & Service Center in Los Angeles, CA
Located in Los Angeles, CA we sell a variety of refurbished, pre-used and secondhand Apple Mac products such as MacBook, MacBook Pro 13” 15”, MacBook Air 11” 13”, iMac 20” 24” 27”, Mac Pro, Cinema Display, PowerBook, iBook, etc. All of our used computers are in stock, fully tested and certified by our experienced technicians and are backed by at least a 30 days warranty. They are completely formatted from scratch and brand new updated OS installed. So why take chances by buying from an individual or online? We don't sell you the computer as-is. You have 30 days or more to check the system and make sure there is no problem with the unit. So if you are looking for cheap but reliable used mac computers at discounted prices, then call us now.

You are welcome to come in and check the different refurbished Mac products we have so you make sure you get exactly what you want. Below is an example of what we have in stock. If we don't have the computer you are looking for in stock, please let us know and we'll find one for you. This list changes all the time. For latest price & availability, please contact us first.
Used Apple Macbook Laptops
IBOOKG3/800MHZ640 MB60 GB12.1 LCD CD ROM10.3.9 OS$145
Mac Book ProC2D 2.33GHZ4 GB120GB15.4 LCDDVD+-RW10.7.4 OS$299From 2007
Mac BookC2D 2.0GHZ4 GB500GB13.3 LCDDVD+-RW10.9.4 OS$345Mid 2008 Unibody
Mac Book ProC2D 2.0GHZ4 GB500GB13.3 LCDDVD+-RW10.9.4 OS$399From 2008
Mac Book ProC2D 2.53GHZ4 GB500GB13.3 LCDDVD+-RW10.9.4 OS$475
Mid 2008 original Apple Box
Mac Book ProC2D 2.53GHZ4 GB500GB15.4 LCDDVD+-RW10.9.4 OS$475Mid 2008
Mac Book Pro
C2D 2.66GHZ8 GB320GB15.4 LCDDVD+-RW10.9.4 OS$450Mid 2008
Mac Book ProCore i5 2.3GHZ8 GB320GB13.3" LCD DVD+/-RW10.9.4 OS$499Lft Shift key & 1 USB port not working
Mac Book AirCore i5 1.4GHZ4 GB128SSD13.3" LCDOption10.10.3 OS$499Year 2014 Special - Loud Cooling Fan
Mac Book ProCore i5 2.5GHZ8 GB500 GB13.3" LCDDVD+/-RW10.10.2 OS$625Mid 2012
Mac Book ProCore i5 2.53GHZ4 GB500 GB15" LCDDVD+/-RW10.9.4 OS$675Mid 2010
Mac Book AirCore i7 2.0GHZ8 GB128SSD11" LCDOption10.10.3 OS$650Year 2012
Mac Book AirCore i7 2.2GHZ8 GB750 GB15" LCDDVD+/-RW10.9.4 OS$650Mid 2011
Mac Book AirCore i5 1.4GHZ4 GB128SSD11" LCDOption10.10.3 OS$699Year 2014 Apple warranty
Mac Book ProCore i5 2.6GHZ8 GB250SSD13.3" Retina Option10.10.2 OS$1,045Apple warranty until Sep 2016

Used iMac and Mac Pro Desktops
APPLE Power Mac G5/1.8GHZ 4 GB 80 GB 20 Monitor CDRW 10.5.8 OS $199
APPLE iMac 17 G5/1.8GHZ 250 GB 250 GB 17 LCD CDRW 10.4.11 OS
APPLE iMac 21.5 Core i3 3.06GHZ 8GB HD 500GB HD 21.5 LCD DVD+-RW 10.9.5 OS $525
APPLE iMac 27 C2D 3.06GHZ 8GB HD 1TB HD 27 LCD DVD+-RW 10.10.2 OS $599
-For prices on extended warranty options, please contact us.
-If we don't have the product you are looking for, we can put you on a waiting list and notify you as soon as it becomes available.
-All prices already reflect a 2.5% cash or check discount. Add 2.5% for C/C.

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