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Used Mac—Mac Repair & Service Center in Los Angeles, CA
We are always interested in buying or trading-in any used or new Mac computer products you might have. We buy or trade-in used secondhand Apple Mac computers and laptops such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Imac, Mac Pro, Powerbook, iBook, iPhone, iPad, etc. We buy used computer equipment from companies and individuals.

We pay you top dollar & on the spot for your used mac laptop or computer. So why let your old computers sit in the garage or closet eating dust, being useless and losing value month after month? Bring them to us for evaluation and let us tell you how much we buy them for.

We also buy, sell & trade in different brand of reconditioned, refurbished, second hand & used computers and laptops such as Dell, Sony VAIO, HP(Hewlett Packard), Lenovo and Toshiba.
And don't forget that due to new recycling laws, you can't just throw away your old, unwanted computer equipment in the garbage. Most of the computer products contain environmentally hazardous materials and they need to be disposed of properly. ACC can help you recycle your old Mac laptop, notebook and computers. For larger items, please call us and we will give you an alternate address for recycling those products.

In addition, we deal with used computers from sources such as off-lease, surplus, liquidation, going out of business, recycled, closeouts, asset recovery, auctions, overstock, excess inventory and asset disposition. Please contact one of our sales representatives or email us your product's specification or bring in your unit to our location for quick evaluation and pricing.
Sell Used Mac:
Laptop with cup—Mac repair & Service Center in Los Angeles, CA
We carry a variety of used, refurbished and secondhand Mac products such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Powerbook, iPad, etc. All of our used computers are fully tested…So why take chances by buying from an individual or online? We don't sell you the computer as-is. You have 30 days to check the system and make sure there is no problem with the unit. Our used mac products have the lowest, most affordable and reasonable prices in the market. Please contact us for a current list of used Mac laptops and computers or click here to see the list.