Apple MacBook / iMac LCD Screen Repair & Replacement

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Located in Los Angeles, CA area, we specialize in repair or replacement of defective Apple MacBook Pro laptops and iMac LCD screens. With over 20 years of experience in this field, our expert technicians can replace your computer's broken/cracked glass, LCD, LED or Retina display quickly so you can start using your beloved Mac computer again right away. We offer a superior service with the lowest prices in town.
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Broken Glass/LCD: Depending on how your MacBook Pro/iMac screen is cracked or broken, we can replace the necessary part. It could be LCD or Glass or both. If you can clearly see the image on the screen and crack is only on the surface top glass, then we don't need to replace the LCD/LED itself. By only changing the glass, it is cheaper and you save some money. However on most Retina display MacBook's and newer slim LED iMac's, the whole screen assembly needs to be replaced. Please call us with the model number or serial number of your Mac computer and we can give you a quote.
Cracked Screen - Computer Repair in Los Angeles, CA
Symptom A : Image is dim or screen is dark and faded. You might see it better if you shine a flashlight onto it.
Problem: This could be a sign that the backlight has gone bad.
Solution: On some MacBook laptops we can just change the backlight module. But in others, the whole LCD has to be changed. Contact us with the model number of your Mac and we'll let you know.
Dim Light - Computer Repair in Los Angeles, CA
Symptom B: The display is distorted with garbled up images. Many horizontal lines and rectangle boxes. Could be intermittent.
Diagnose problem: To better diagnose this issue, connect an external monitor to your Mac. If external monitor image is fine, then it's probably your LCD. If the external video shows the same problem, then the issue might be the video on the motherboard.
Solution: Let us know the test result and your type of Mac computer and we will give you a free estimate on the phone. For more information on motherboard repair, click here.
Horizontal Lines - Computer Repair in Los Angeles, CA
Symptom C: Vertical or horizontal lines on the screen. May vary in color and thickness.
Problem: If they come and go as you move the screen back and forth, it might be a sign of a bad video cable or loose connection.
Solution: We need to open the screen to check video cable connections to the back and bottom of LCD display.
Horizontal Lines - Computer Repair in Los Angeles, CA
Symptom D: Random colorful patches rapidly flash in and out where it's difficult to see anything on the screen. Image is flickering or jumpy.
Problem: This may be either the LCD screen or an issue with the graphics card on motherboard.
Solution: Follow the same diagnostic procedure mentioned above by connecting it to an external monitor. If results are not conclusive, then please bring in your Mac so we can do a full diagnostic for you.
Colorful Patches - Computer Repair in Los Angeles, CA
Symptom E: MacBook laptop turns on but LCD screen is completely blank. No video. Just a black screen. Even though the lights on laptop are on and you can hear the fan.
Problem: If an external monitor shows the video perfectly fine, then most probably LCD screen needs to be replaced. But if there is no external video, then possible motherboard problem.
Solution: We need to do a detail diagnostic and depending on the model of your laptop, we'll give you a quote.
LCD not Lighting Up - Computer Repair in Los Angeles, CA
Symptom F: MacBook laptop screen does not open and close easily. It is stiff or makes a cracking noise. The LCD cover opens up, exposing part of the hinge assembly or LCD frame.
Problem: The hinges or latches inside the laptop screen casing are broken or going bad.
Solution: Hinges need to be replaced as soon as possible before other areas of LCD frame or casing breaks further, causing more damage and a more expensive repair cost. Please bring in your laptop for an estimate.
Computer - Computer Repair in Los Angeles, CA
Symptom G: Apple Thunderbolt LCD display 24”, 27” or Cinema Display 30” monitors can have variety of problems such as: Cracked screen, Blank, black, dim or distorted screen, Not turning on, no power, Will not wake up after going to sleep mode, etc…
Solution: Since there could be many different reasons for these problems, please contact us or bring in your monitor for further diagnostic.
Computer - Computer Repair in Los Angeles, CA
We repair and replace LCD screens on all Apple Mac laptops and desktops including:
MacBook / MacBook Pro 13", 15", 17", Unibody, LED, Retina Display, MacBook Air 11”, 13”, iMac Intel 17", 20", 22", 24", 27", iPhone, iPad. Even though we have one of the lowest prices in town, you can still take advantage of the discount coupon code under our “Special Offers”.