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Advance Computer Corp
Laptop—Mac Repair & Service Center in Los Angeles, CA
Advance Computer Corp. or ACC was founded about 20 years ago with a focus on providing a completely professional service with a very high degree of tech expertise to small businesses and home users. We provide both onsite and in-store repair and service for Apple Mac computers and laptops.

Although we are not a large chain Mac repair and service business, we do believe that we can offer you much more than our competition. At ACC we take special care of each of our clients by providing top notch service at affordable rate.

The reason why we are 20 years in this business and why we are always among the best Mac repair and service companies in the greater Los Angeles area is simple – we are building long-term relationships with all of our customers. Of course, the fact that we have extensive experience, cost-effective rates and advanced technical skills play a significant role too.

With ACC you will be dealing with some of the expert technicians from our carefully selected team.

At Advance Computer Corp. we are fully dedicated to providing efficient and friendly customer service and the highest possible level of technical expertise to each of our customers – be it individual client or business. What we care about is customer satisfaction and our main objective is to provide experts repairs and services at a realistic rate. We want our business to grow and the only way we can achieve that is by having customers who will recommend our business to their friends.
Apple Products—Mac Repair & Service Center in Los Angeles, CA
Apple—Mac Repair & Service Center in Los Angeles, CA
What can you expect from ACC?
ACC is here to provide:
Great rates
We are not wasting our money on huge advertisement campaigns like most of our competitors and that's how we are able to offer affordable rates. We believe that our customers are the best promoters of our work. Of course, this doesn't mean that the parts we use have lower quality. On a contrary, we use high-quality Mac parts. We will never buy and replace parts without your direct approval. If you want to save additional amount of money use our in-store repair option. Those who don't have time for that can always use the onsite option.
Seasoned experts
As previously mentioned, every technician in our team has years of experience in the field of Mac repair and service. This means that we can solve any problem you may have with your Apple Mac computer and laptop product. The huge number of satisfied clients speaks for our expertise. We will identify the exact problem and solve it fast.
Professional and friendly service
We are especially proud of our customer service. You can find many online reviews that can confirm this. We will tell you what exactly is wrong with your computer or laptop and what we need to do in order to fix it. The entire process will be managed by the same technician and you will be consulted about any part replacement.
Fast service
When it comes to our onsite service, we are trying to reach your destination as soon as possible (usually in a day or two). No matter which option you choose, we are always trying to provide fast and reliable service. If the problem is complex then we will surely tell you how many days it will take to repair your device. This is usually the case with older Apple Mac computer and laptop models because it is sometimes difficult to find parts for them.
Types of service
In addition to Apple Mac computer and laptop repairs, we can also fix the rest of the products offered by Mac like Macbook, iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac Pro etc. Since we have mentioned some of our services it is good to separate and highlight them.
Mac Software problems

We are here to fix all software-related problems including:
- OS problems, slow operation, virus and malware removal
- Installation and upgrade of all OS including Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow leopard.
- Install Windows on any Intel processor Mac
- Creation of remote connection
- Diagnosis and repair of your Mac Apple desktop or laptop computer

Mac hardware problems

As mentioned before, we are here to provide comprehensive solution for your Mac-related problems. This means that besides software problems we can fix hardware problems too. This is a list of some of the things that we can do:
- Repair or replace notebook logic board or motherboard
- Repair or replace broken/cracked/defective iMac or MacBook LCD Screen
- Data recovery and data transfer in cases of hard disk boot failure and fixing the problem itself
- Water or liquid spill on laptop or its keyboard
- Laptop Fan assembly problems
- Battery charging or power problems
- Broken casing, latches, hinges etc.
- Non-working DVD-RW drive or CD-RW drive
- Password removal
And much more!
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time. Some of our professionals will reply to you as soon as possible.
Contact us in Los Angeles, California, for more information on our affordable Mac repair.